• 2500 mg Cartridge/ Biggest capacity on the market
  • First and only in Europe
  • Solvent Free
  • Anywhere and Everywhere

TetraJoints 2500 mg Cartridges

Solvent Free, Smoke Free,High Content THC. Oil content in our cartridges is equivalent to 10 grams of Hashish.Best price WorldWide. 510 E-Cigarette starter kit including one battery, one prefilled cartridge, one charger.


We are first and only in Europe who introduce a unique and healthier way to enjoy marijuana anywhere and everywhere. TetraJoints cartridge is a smoke-free, tar-free alternative to traditional marijuana. TetraJoints is a 2500MG Pre-filled cartridge that is universal with any standard 510 E-Cigarette or Vaporizer.


We pride ourselves in creating an easy-to-use product for the best marijuana experience . We understand that our clients have to travel, work, and fulfill their daily responsibilities just like everyone else. TetraJoints is a great option for all types of clients.


TetraJoints oil is refined and cleaned to give you a superior Solvent free end product. All impurities are removed . . TetraJoints uses an organic oil for an optimal vaping experience. No Propylene Glycol (PG) and No Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is used in our process.


Ingredients: Solvent-Free Cannabis oil.
Also we can supply cannabis wax,oil,shatter in any quantity with the best price. For more details about our prices please contact us by email tetrajoints@mail.com.As payment methods we accept bitcoin, paypal, western union. Shipping is Free.